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The city is the cause and the solution to all of our problems. That’s an angle I got from Freud’s ‘Civilization and its Discontents’. Human beings need to curb their drives in order to build society, which provides them with the safety network they need to be happy. However, when we curb our drives, we are unhappy.

Sao Paulo has got its entrepreneur side. It’s ambitious. It’s efficient: it generates wealth. It can afford to have an artsy, unpretentious side. Sides that are intertwined. Entrepreneurs succeed when they are artists. Artists endeavor to be heard.

In the megalopolis I can be invisible. But I’m constantly reminded that I need to be seen. Doing is constantly thrown in our faces, it is hard just being.

I want to stay in the bathtub for half an hour. Read a bit. I suppose only then new ideas will pop up.

There’s no time to be bored, though, no rest for the wicked. When I’m not doing something, I’m resting from something I just did. To have absolutely nothing to do is rare. So much so that one grows unaccustomed to it. Then you go to the beach and don’t know what to do. At a point, the sun and the sea may be tiring. You’ve been to all of the three restaurants. And you start wondering if you could ever live by the beach, since after a dozen days you would go crazy. Why? For not having anything to do. Isn’t it just the case of stop trying?

I started to go to Ibiza little by little. It was already at my post-bank phase, which allowed me to travel without a return ticket. That helps restrain the obsession of enjoying every moment there.

In the megalopolis I can be invisible. But I’m constantly reminded that I need to be seen.

Instead of going to the office, I go to the beach. That’s great. What about afterwards? Is there any hipster restaurant? Any nice place for a coffee? (Clubbing was something I already quite disregarded).

It takes some time until you dominate this impulse of replicating, even if partially, the Sao Paulo lifestyle, or at least its ethics. For it was the only one ingrained in me.

I don’t have to go to a restaurant, it’s cool to cook at home when you have time. I can also take a sandwich to the beach, as everyone else does. Not spend much. Read by the beach. Do nothing.

Detachment from Sao Paulo is slow: I’ve lived here for 39 years. But I loved to get to know this beach life without that being the plan. Until it became the plan, when the time came.

I’ve always wondered how hard it could be to live in a quiet spot , being so used to the frantic Sao Paulo diversity all my life. Now it’s been a bit hard to get used to again. I can’t wait until I spend a few months in Caraíva.

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