Pleasures and responsibilities

We try to rationalize everything before making a decision. However, that is where we get stuck. We weigh the pros and cons. But how much weight are we willing to give to those shivers down the spine?

My rational deliberation on whether or not to try and pursue a life outside the business world was probably completed years before the action was taken. To just keep going made no more…

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Recognition: is it worth the cost?

There is that old little anecdote of the successful businessman who, during his holidays, anchors his dazzling yacht close to an idyllic beach. He puts on his panama hat and heads towards the sand. Overtaken by that holiday ecstasy that always makes one prone to extroversion, he wears his best smile and starts a chat with a native. And he asks him what he does at that place. Our executive …

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Three comments on the ephemeral

The gods’ fanfare. Shall we get back to the wisdom of Greek myths? Luc Ferry’s book left me wondering about the role of heroes in that mythology. From what I could understand, such semi-gods need to destroy any kind of force that potentially opposes cosmic balance. They exist for the sake of maintaining the harmony between the living and the inanimate, between divine eternity and chaotic time. In the absence …

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Five steps towards freedom

I have always regarded freedom as a fundamental value. I’m not sure if it is the fundamental value. Comfort is also good, but it seems like they antagonize each other. Every time I take responsibility for a decision I make, I give up the convenience I would have had to blame someone else for anything that might go wrong (although this relief would not prevent me from facing the undesired …

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It comes, it goes

You know when you wake up on a Sunday morning, play your favorite Chick Corea and feels that everything is going right? Maybe you need to think it’s because you worked very hard for that. But it’s better if you don’t.

There are times when the therapy seems to get stuck. Psychoanalysis. Restlessness is real, it feels eternal in its while. How can you possibly remember that it will go …

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