Chocolate, now!

Eyes focused on the Kindle’s binary light. May foreign words soothe the ones unceasingly sprouting from my within. The coffee smell strolls around the room and maybe it will take me a little bit away from me. Whatever I can do to leave the brain function in the background. Happy is the unconscious, for it works without noticing.

Happy is the unconscious, for it works without noticing.

However, the excitement …

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Living for later

If I don’t really know what to do now, I’d better do as much as I can. Will one day it all make sense? If I can’t seem to find my place, at least I’ll leave my mark. I hope I figure it out before it’s too late. 

If you are about to complete four decades of life, you are probably old enough to know how to do something. Professionally, …

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Money for Nothing

“Be yourself”. But what if I don’t have the time to think about who I am?

Saving up money to achieve financial autonomy and thus live however you want has no secret: earn as much money as you can and spend as little as possible. We could add a little bit more colour to the recipe: move to a smaller and less central place, do grocery shopping at wholesalers… All …

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Isn’t comfort supposed to be good?

I wanted to leave my comfort zone to see if the magic would finally happen, and swung from one extreme to the other. This pendulum has left me dizzy.

It’s been some 15 years since I started going to the gym. Classes, never. I’ve always liked to exercise at the time of my convenience, and at my own pace. The flip side has been the lack of supervision, though. Around …

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The Jungianism in RuPaul’s drag race

RuPaul’s Drag Race has been one of my favorite series (yes, I’m a bit late, I know…) It’s a rather hilarious way of showing how one can evolve in their individuation processes, in the finest Jungian tradition. Indeed, amidst so many colours and mannerisms, the implicit goal of the show is to lead each of the contenders to become who they actually are.

A drag queen is a character by …

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