Time is all I need

When you don’t have time for anything, you don’t have time to mull things over either. Some discontent may be there, saying you should be somewhere other than where you are, or doing something other than what you’re doing. However, if the to do list is growing endless, one’s better off by just carrying on. Keep walking? Pondering over the problems may be left for later. It’s easier to be …

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Life by the beach

The city is the cause and the solution to all of our problems. That’s an angle I got from Freud’s ‘Civilization and its Discontents’. Human beings need to curb their drives in order to build society, which provides them with the safety network they need to be happy. However, when we curb our drives, we are unhappy.

Sao Paulo has got its entrepreneur side. It’s ambitious. It’s efficient: it generates …

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Anywhere the wind blows

Friday. 6:10 AM. The alarm rings. How I mustered up the strength to pull off the blankets and get up, I don’t know. The week had been hectic, boss out on holidays. I felt like I had just fallen asleep. Anyway, 7:30, already at the office. 8:00, time to shoot a new video for our website. 8:10, conference call with the derivatives desk. 8:30, another one with the New York …

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