On Weekends, Vacations and Sabbaticals

If I had to mention one thing that I miss from my corporate years, it would probably be that almost euphoric Friday night feeling. A mixture of sense of accomplishment with the consequent possibility of doing absolutely only what you want, including nothing. That moment when you turn up the volume, drink some wine… and allow yourself to relax.

After a few days relaxing, an allegedly contemporary version of

Five steps towards freedom

I have always regarded freedom as a fundamental value. I’m not sure if it is the fundamental value. Comfort is also good, but it seems like they antagonize each other. Every time I take responsibility for a decision I make, I give up the convenience I would have had to blame someone else for anything that might go wrong (although this relief would not prevent me from facing the undesired …

It comes, it goes

You know when you wake up on a Sunday morning, play your favorite Chick Corea and feels that everything is going right? Maybe you need to think it’s because you worked very hard for that. But it’s better if you don’t.

There are times when the therapy seems to get stuck. Psychoanalysis. Restlessness is real, it feels eternal in its while. How can you possibly remember that it will go …

Chocolate, now!

Eyes focused on the Kindle’s binary light. May foreign words soothe the ones unceasingly sprouting from my within. The coffee smell strolls around the room and maybe it will take me a little bit away from me. Whatever I can do to leave the brain function in the background. Happy is the unconscious, for it works without noticing.

Happy is the unconscious, for it works without noticing.

However, the excitement …

Time is all I need

When you don’t have time for anything, you don’t have time to mull things over either. Some discontent may be there, saying you should be somewhere other than where you are, or doing something other than what you’re doing. However, if the to do list is growing endless, one’s better off by just carrying on. Keep walking? Pondering over the problems may be left for later. It’s easier to be …