The Awning and the Boy

There is the awning: tied up by ropes. Two ends high up on the house. The third one is a little bit lower, on the opposite wall. He thinks he likes sunbathing. And so there he stays, as still as he can, warming himself up. Until the wind comes, all at once, no one knows where from.

All the awning longed for was to be that wall. No one can

Anywhere the wind blows (version 2: it blows harder this time)

First appointment with the psychoanalyst. They sit down, face to face. After some small talk, the question arises: what did he expect from the analysis?

He didn’t really want many things to change. He only wished he were a bit more confident that one day he would not regret the decisions he had been making.

Can this confidence exist?

Yes, it can.

But would that be truly useful?

As a …